1. I’m so happy to finally get to debut my new tumblr.  It’s been in the workings for a while now, never really had the time to launch it.  Cause I’m busy AND lazy.  Dangerous combination people. :)

    I’ve been wanting to get into erotica for awhile now and wasn’t really sure how to attack such a thing.  A part of me wanted to include it on my main blog and a part of me wanted to have my erotic imagery be a completely separate world, never even attempting to make the connection to my other work.  But I thought that would be silly, and I want people to know who is producing this work.  Creating a pen name for my erotic pieces wasn’t really a compromise but I actually find pen names nostalgic and romantic and something that has sort of fallen to the wayside these days.  So yes, a pen name defeats the purpose of being open that Kevin Wada is producing these works.  But, sue me, I wanted a pen name and now I have one :).

    To help get this blog off the ground I’ll be reblogging the more safe for work pieces on my main tumblr.  These first few posts will probably be pretty tame as I dip my toe into this universe.

    But if you want the dirt and shame, remember this url.


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    Work by Kevin Wada (aka Dain V. Wake), beautiful boy images by the creator of many of my favorite fashion inspired...
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